Anabranch Ltd is a software development company based in sunny Cornwall in the UK with clients from both local and remote areas.

What We Do

Anabranch can supply a wide range of services including:

  • Bespoke software design
  • Training
  • Advice

In a range of technologies:

  • .NET (ASP.NET MVC, WPF, WCF etc)
  • NoSQL (Neo4j, RavenDB etc)
  • RDBMS (Sql Server etc)


Chris Skardon
Chris Skardon

Chris has been doing professional software development since leaving univeristy (with a 2.1 in Artificial Intelligence) in 2003 (17 years now!).

In those 17 years of development, he's worked in a variety of industries including Hedge Funds, Insurance and Carbon Management, writing a variety of applications including Automated Trading Platforms, MailShot management systems and even SilverLight based apps. In 2012 he formed Anabranch in order to provide a bespoke development service to clients and to run Tournr.

Predominantly a .NET developer, he's very comfortable with the .NET stack (generally using C#) but is adaptable and can work with a wide range of technologies.

Recently Chris has spent a lot of time writing .NET code to work with Neo4j a graph database - so much so that he is currently an Ambassador for them.